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Iris Photography and Iris Art Gallery 

At Eye Wonder you will discover the unique beauty of your iris. Through a process of high resolution macro photography and software we can capture the beautiful patterns and colors that live in your eyes.

During your visit to the Emerald Coast come in an experience Eye Wonder,  perfect for a date night idea or a sweet keepsake of your children. We can also photograph your irises for iridology purposes.

While you wait, you can shop or dine at the Destin Commons; an open air shopping center with a wide range of casual dining, known retailers, bowling alley, movie theater, children’s play area and so much more.

Visit our contact us page for some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


We are operating by appointment only. The booking system will allow appointments minimum 2 hours away. You can try calling if I'm available I do take appts within a shorter notice.

We have availability every day of the week. I recommend going through the booking process and seeing what the schedule has available on the day you need. If for some reason there is nothing available (sometimes I close out the schedule for events etc) you can call, I'm always happy to try to accommodate. 


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This Woman's Entire Business is Based on Close-Up Photos of Eyes _ PetaPixel-1.jpg

Check our social media for current promotions and seasonal store hours  

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