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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the process like?

During your scheduled 30 min visit you can expect to sit down, after we sanitize the chin rest, position your head and get your Iris photo taken. We will ask that you open your eyes wide and remain still. After, we will show you the picture and if you like it, we will move forward with photo customization. This part of the process takes about an hour, in the meantime you can shop or dine in the Mall. When you come back we will have your photo ready.

Do I get my print immediately?

We have several in house printing options and a Digital File only option as well. And we can offer additional products such as Acrylic, Canvas and Metal prints and it will arrive to your home in one week.  Ask us about any size or material we are able to customize your order.  

How long do you save my photo?

We keep it stored one month in case you decide to order more prints.

Can children get their iris photos?

Initially I said 6 but some parents have pushed me and we have successfully photographed children as young as 3. You will know best if your child is capable of sitting still for a minute. We ask that out of respect for the next appointment if your child is not cooperating we must move on to the next person. 

Is the light you shine in my eyes harmful?

Absolutely not. Its the same lights the Ophthalmologists use to shine in your eyes. Its also just for a few seconds.

Should I take my contacts out?

Please remove contacts lens prior to session. If you choose not to, we are not responsible for the quality of the photo. We have contact cases with liquid sold at $4 for your convenience. 





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