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Meet Gia 

Gia Roche is a multi -talented individual known for her diverse pursuits and unwavering passion for life. Hailing from Paraguay, Gias's journey has taken her through various avenues of creativity and service. 

Starting her career as a model at just 15, through the years she graced the cover of many magazines, appeared on billboards and was the face of several well-known brands. Her magnetic presence led her to television appearing first in tv commercials and later she charmed the audiences as a beloved tv and radio cohost, captivating listeners with her wit and charm. Despite her early success in the entertainment industry, Gia's thirst for knowledge and justice led her to pursue a degree in law. Her path diverged and life led her to marriage and children in the US far away from her home country of Paraguay.


In 2012, Gia faced the unimaginable tragedy of losing her daughter to brain cancer at the tender age of 5. In the face of grief, she found strength and purpose, channeling her pain into action by founding a pediatric brain tumor foundation. As president she spearheaded numerous initiatives and events including the annual gala to raise funds for brain cancer research while she worked in the financial industry.

Despite the challenges she has faced, Gia's indomitable spirit shines through in every aspect of her life, alongside her husband a member of the special forces in the Army, she navigates the complexities of military life with resilience and grace while raising her 5 children with love and devotion.

When Gia isn't taking iris photos which she is immensely passionate about she is at the beach with her family paddleboarding in the bay. 

Are you searching for the perfect master of ceremonies for your next event?

Look no further! With Gia's unique blend of charisma and adaptability she brings a dynamic energy to every stage, effortlessly engaging audiences of all sizes. Whether you are aiming for an elegant affair or a lively celebration, Gia will tailor her hosting style to suit the tone and objectives of your evening, dress impeccably and surely leave a lasting impression on attendees. 

Text or call 850-714-4530

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